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Will My Wages Be Garnished?

If you have been sued for a credit card balance, medical bill or other debt, it means the court found that you owed the money and a “judgment” has been entered against you. One of the most common ways to satisfy a judgment is wage garnishment. In Illinois, a creditor can take 15 percent of your gross — not net — income through wage garnishment until the judgment is paid in full.

Often, wage garnishment occurs with little warning. One week, you receive copies of paperwork filed with the court; the next, you find your paycheck to be substantially lighter. If you are already struggling with debt and living expenses, a garnishment can be the final straw.

Protecting Your Wages From Garnishment

Filing for bankruptcy protection will put a stop to garnishment because of an automatic stay that goes into effect the day you file. This prevents creditors from pursuing all collection activities, including garnishment.

Filing for bankruptcy protection not only stops a garnishment — it might permit you to recover money that has been garnished but not transferred to the creditor. To do so, you must act as quickly as possible.

Contact Brian G. Hiatt To Protect Your Paycheck

If you receive court paperwork regarding a garnishment of your wages, contact the law office of Brian G. Hiatt Attorney at Law to discuss whether you should file for bankruptcy protection. Mr. Hiatt can help you take the necessary steps to protect your paycheck while simultaneously seeking debt relief.

Call his office in Bourbonnais 815-304-5441, or send him an email to schedule a consultation.

Brian G. Hiatt’s law firm is a debt relief agency. It helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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